Emily Burdett

Emily first found the mat during a time of transition in her life. Having danced competitively for many years, she yearned for a class that offered dynamic movement in addition to the mental benefits of the practice. As time progressed, Emily realized how much she craved the sense of community that yoga has to offer. 

For her, yoga has evolved into an experience that illuminates the benefits of the mind body connection but also the power of community. Emily's classes will enable students to establish a relationship between the body, the mind and the breath. Through thoughtful sequencing and a strong focus on alignment, her classes will challenge you to use your body in a mindful way. Placing high value on the sense of community yoga brings, she offers hands on assists and adjustments, plenty of indie and folk music and little nuggets of wisdom she's picked up along the way. No matter where you are when you walk into the studio, Emily aims to meet you where you are on the mat, in hopes that you can carry some newly found awareness when you leave the studio. 

Understanding that we are always students in this life, Emily is grateful for the mentors, teachers, friends and students who have impacted her teaching style which is ever-evolving and inspired.

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