Michael Alba

Michael was introduced to yoga while working at a start-up where an instructor came on Wednesdays to teach a lunchtime yoga class; he’s been hooked ever since.

He teaches creative yoga sequences that allow practitioners to inhabit the poses and to feel the movement in the body.  Michael draws on early experience in gymnastics and other movement modalities to inspire students to test their limits.  He believes yoga is endlessly challenging; whether it be learning yogic breathe, respecting the limitations of the body, taming the mind to be where the body is, or simply being less competitive, it offers something new every time you step on the mat.

Michael completed his first 200-hour teaching certification in vinyasa and Hatha yoga at Frog Lotus Yoga, and did his second 200-hour certification at O2 Yoga.  Michael has been quoted in the New York Time and Newsweek on the pitfalls of yoga competitions.