Meredith Wadsworth

Meredith’s classes are a nourishing blend of foundational yoga and fresh, creative sequencing. With traditional asanas that nurture strength and expansion, her classes are well-balanced with functionality-informed instruction and a deep connection to feel-good movement. As an experienced practitioner and a firm believer in teaching and learning through the body, Meredith's guidance and cueing speaks directly to her students’ experience in a way that helps inspire, unlock and enlighten. She teaches locally and internationally, offering public classes, retreats, and working with her global clientele of private students virtually over Zoom.

Meredith completed her 200hr Vinyasa certification in 2020 through The Sacred Fig in Bali, followed by her 50hr Yin training through Arhanta Yoga in 2021. Her background teaching low-impact, functional fitness classes in New York City is at the foundation of her classes. Placing emphasis on proper form and alignment to support the daily functions of the body, in tandem with mindful self-awareness, has largely informed her personal practice and teaching style-- a unique blend of the grounding energy and creative fluidity of vinyasa yoga with functional training methodology.

In addition to teaching yoga, Meredith is also a ceramicist, writer, and life coach offering guidance and support in the practice of creative, embodied living. Living by the intention of Honoring Yourself Every day (The HYE Life is her personal brand), she draws from her own journey of self-inquiry and mind-body healing as well as her intuitive nature to support and offer guidance to those seeking change in their health, mindset and wellbeing. Just as she incorporates various elements of yoga into her work with her coaching clients, Meredith integrates her knowledge and insights from coaching into her teachings on the mat to promote student's self-expression and expansion, encouraging creativity, vulnerability,  authenticity, curiosity, playfulness and exploration.
@thehyelife @MWceramics