Kristina Riccio

Kristina has found her home in teaching intuitive and creative flows with a light hearted approach that allow people to slow down, feel safe in, and learn the language of their bodies, on and off the mat! 

She encourages and invites all those who work with her to be their own guides and healers. For Kristina, it’s not just about the movements (asana) but the spiritual, emotional, and energetic expressions of our beings. 

Kristina first experienced yoga as a kindergartener, led to roar like a lion in table top and stand on one leg like a flamingo. She continued her learning in high school when she started to attend classes at North End Yoga and truly experienced yoga beyond just asana.

In 2013, Kristina took her 200 hour at Health Yoga Life and has since continued to learn from countless amazing and informative teachers. Over the last few years, she sought out classes to dig into the philosophy of yoga with South Asian teachers like Madhura Bhagwat and Anusha Wijeyakumar. She has also taken the courses “Yoga for Emotional Health and Healing” with Kate Graham and “Somatic Educator for Women” with the Somatic Institute for Women. Both with a focus on trauma and how it’s held in our bodies. With experience in reiki, breathwork, and Thai bodywork, she is very passionate about making these practices accessible to all, in both group and personal settings.