Sandy Klemmer

Experiencing the way these practices grant access to greater consciousness and a more open heart drives Sandy's dedication to yoga. Sandy (E-RYT 200 YACEP) has studied under teachers including David Magone, Caitl...

Bhakti Flow.


at Soma Yoga Center (256 Hanover St.
3rd Floor Boston, MA 02113)

In honor of our 2 Year Anniversary, Sandy will lead us through a very special flow class. Sometimes referred to as the yoga of love & devotion, Bhakti is the path of directing spiritual consciousness towards the divine to cultivate a spacious loving soul, rather than (mis)identifying “my” ego-self as the center. Sandy will help to illuminate sacred yogic knowledge for others by warmly inviting everyone into yoga’s sacred depth. 

This class will include flow yoga, breathwork, chanting, and music.